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Every Tuesday Night at the New Farm Bowls Club
969 Brunswick St New Farm (opposite New Farm Park)

For information on any of these performers or information about the BUg, visit www.brisbaneunpluggedgigs.org and if registered with Facebook, please 'Like' our page the BUg - Brisbane Unplugged Folk/Acoustic Music Night. Each Tuesday the BUg begins with three blackboard spots at 7:30. Join in and be mixed by Brisbane's one best acoustic sound-men, Mark Smith or Mashy(Dave).


JUNE 20 - STOMPEROO: Stomperoo is Roo Friend, a journeyman musician who spent most of his career playing guitar on cabaret stages and orchestra pits.
"I've done everything...worked behind Elvis impersonators, jugglers, comedians, strippers...a guy in a tux who cut his wife in half onstage with a chainsaw. Magic at its misogynistic best. Then I decided to quit that scene and get into music." Stomperoo sings blues songs with a difference, about architecture, traffic and crop rotation.
"Nobody else does, the subject matter isn't marginal, like a lot of folkloric blues. Example: '...my baby left me, so I shot her...'. We don't live in that society. I don’t want to glorify that stuff. So I write about things that are relevant to my life in Australia, you know… depression, terrorism, junk food, politics and so on. I'm trying to get a reaction."
"Does it work?"
"Probably not."
"What about love songs?"
" Why reinvent the wheel? Leave that to the romantics. And there's no fun in it. In the end, love is morbid and self-devouring."
Was he pulling my chain? "Come to the show. Then you'll understand."
Stomperoo performs with Jack Du Voisin on sax, and occasionally with Jim Toomey from The Tourists on drums.

   3 MILES FROM TEXAS: "...3 Miles From Texas was born out of love and passion for writing and producing great songs. Our vision was the creation of a feast for the ears with natural tones, recording all the instruments and voices in the traditional style. Using high production values as the standard, we're able to present Michael's and Tony's songs to their full potential. This recording brings together a wealth of talent and experience with wonderful contributions from everyone involved. I'm sure the 3 Miles From Texas collection will delight music lovers seeking something new. This is music with beautiful melodies, songs to remember, sounds to warm your day. Travel with us on a small journey, 3 Miles From Texas. You will find some gems along the way..." Rob Stewart

JUNE 27 - RYK ROSTRON: Ryk has been playing around with music for long enough to know better but sometimes likes a good excuse to perform in the big smoke. Usually playing with the infamous Pirate Brides he is sometimes invited to share his music with more intimate offerings as a solo performer playing original and selected other songs. Friends always love to give a hand and his performance is usually accentuated by a harmony or two and tasteful instrumental accompaniment.

   TIN STAR: Penny Boys (Vocals, Guitar) Cathy Bell (Fiddle, Accordian, Harmony Vocals) Dan Grant (Vocals, Guitar) Tin Star are renowned for their ability to create a space in which to connect emotionally with an audience and have a musical conversation. The combination of three powerful singer/songwriter/instrumentalists makes Tin Star unique and creates a group that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Whilst they have the pre-requisite acoustic guitars, fiddle, accordian and the interweaving harmonies, their sound is more reminiscent of the burgeoning folk scene of 60’s New York and California. Back to the coffee houses of Greenwich Village and artists such as Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter Paul and Mary, and the burgeoning west coast Laurel Canyon scene of Crosby Stills Nash, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and the Mamas and the Papas.

JULY at the BUg

JULY 4 - SARAH COLLYER: Join Sarah Collyer, in solo mode, performing songs from her album Yesterday's Blues, plus a swag of new originals and the odd reworking of classic rock tunes!
"Collyer is both emotive and pitch-perfect, her seductive vocals effortlessly handling everything from swing to bossa nova... she proves both a master of interpretation and songwriting" (Matt Thrower – RAVE MAGAZINE)

   THE BERT DUO: "The Bert Duo, longtime friends Michael Burke and Rob Austin, will poke you, stroke you, and then smoke you like Cubans through more musical genres than they have any right to. From heart-rending torch songs and field hollers to gravel-fed gospel appeals -good luck leaving unscathed." (Piet Verlinden)

JULY 11 - SLIM DIME: Slim Dime are an acoustic folk duo. Their music is contemporary and urban, but woven through with the simplicity and space of old time mountain music. Listen close: you can hear fog soaked valleys, mountain ash forests and the grit of gravel road.
Using minimal arrangements – acoustic guitar, tenor guitar, banjo and vocals, they make a sound that is all bare bones and emotional complexity. Jen Land’s voice tells stories with nuance and emotion. Chris Taylor’s playing is intelligent and idiosyncratic. The songs talk of lives lived and lessons learned, of sorrows and of loss, but there is redemption too, and even joy.
Travelogue, their second album, journeys through a country and folk music landscape of mountain shadows and careworn folks and beauty found in unlikely places. There is coming home and there is leaving. The material is original songs and traditional songs made new, mesmerising story telling and precise musicianship with emotional range. The production is understated and warm and real. It’s music that makes you lean in and listen. These songs are new but they’ve always existed somewhere on a mountaintop. PHOTO

   THE LONG JOHNS: The Longjohns are the twang of the banjo, the rumble of the sousaphone and the ring of the spittoon. The creak of the door, the crow of the rooster, the stomping of floorboards and the hammering of the chain gang.
A four piece possé, The Longjohns come together to play spooky country with that old timey swing to deliver songs of hope, loss and hauntings.
Featuring a line up of banjos, sousaphone, national guitar and the pots and pans, The Longjohns are Sian Evans, Steve Buchanan, Skritch and Paul Watson preparing a tincture of dark country and barnyard bangers.
Like the cure-all tonics of old, The Longjohns are good for what ails you.

JULY 18 - KAREN LAW & FAMILY: This band was born to make music together. Literally. Karen’s upbeat and reflective songs come alive with trumpet, guitar, flute, didgeridoo and loads of harmonies from her three children. They have recently returned from the National Folk Festival where they made the finals of the Ultimate Song Contest, and wowed audiences with their family-focused heartfelt performances.

   DAVE BURTON & FRIENDs: With the usual suspects, Meece (vocals), Steve (fiddle), Tim (guitar), Paul (Bass) and Dan (drums), plus Greg, a harp-playing friend and his granddaughter Eliza adding some trumpet, Dave has put together some songs that range from Canned Heat to Billie Holiday. The songs will move through a variety of genres, and include one or two originals.

JULY 25 - THE O'BRIEN TRIO: 'The O’Brien Trio' performances are like a Soundtrack to the films "Chocolat" and "Midnight in Paris". A performance filled with Vibrant vocals and swinging rhythm, with a dash of instrumental gypsy tunes. We play with Gyspy in our heart and "Hot Club" in our heads. Together with Mia O’Brien on guitar and vocals Tim O’Brien on guitar and Simon Lawrence (on double bass), they capture the mood and swing of the 30's & 40's with an uplifting, and expressive performance.

   THE BESSIES: 'The Bessies' - named after Dave's dog - are a ridiculously appealing and high energy band whose aim is to play as many instruments as possible (especially ones they've never played before) while keeping it simple. Their songs are a mix of originals and obscure covers, and their harmonies are the best.


A small door charge of $10/$7 conc. Donations for costs welcome. Intimate surroundings, with open grounds outside; meals, licensed, tea/coffee.


A blackboard segment from 7.30-8.15 pm, of three blackboard acts, of 10 minutes each, (up to 3 songs or one long song). Simply arrive with your instrument and put your name on the Blackboard. First in best dressed. BUg audiences are very encouraging toward new acts.

The first booked act at about: 8.15pm to 9.00pm. A short break of 15 minutes follows, time to mingle and perhaps step outside for a breath of air.
The second booked act: 9.15pm - 10.00pm.

Info: Dick Halligan web www.brisbaneunpluggedgigs.org





JULY 2 - GARY SHEPHERD: Free Concert & Stagecraft Workshop Singer/songwriter/guitarist and banjoist, Gary Shepherd has performed as a soloist at numerous Australian music festivals and pubs and clubs over several decades.
Best known for his intricate Fingerstyle Guitar playing, Clawhammer banjo, and easy-going and humorous onstage banter, Gary covers many musical styles, ranging from Country, blues and folk songs to instrumental pieces, and even a little pop. Gary has also produced a range of guitar instructional DVDs that have sold around the world encouraging countless would be guitarists to start playing or to improve their skills.
A performance by Gary is, hilarious, entertaining and, informative. Gary, typically, interweaves musical numbers with stories from his own life, and anecdotes about the music, the places, and the people who’ve written the songs and lived the words.
Gary has honed the craft of performing, and attended workshops by US guru, Tom Jackson. Gary will facilitate a free workshop sharing tips for improving on-stage performance.
1-2pm: Blackboard
2-4pm: Gary Shepherd - Workshop & Performance

JULY 16 – TBA :
1-3pm: Blackboard Performers
3-4pm: Feature Act to be advised - refer to the website for updates.

Ann Leung - Publicity

Folk Redlands meets 1st and 3rd Sundays, 1 - 4pm.
On the third Sundays we host our regular Concert Format of Blackboard performers followed by a feature act.
Events on the first Sundays will be a mix of formats, including singalongs, workshops, and special themed events.
Venue: INDIGISCAPES, 17 Runnymede Rd. Capalaba (Air conditioned hall)
FREE Entry, Tea Rooms open. Lunch & Afternoon tea Snacks & Drinks available. Ample parking.
If you are coming for lunch you will need to book a table with Indigiscapes on 07 3824 8611 - No takeaway available.

Join the Folk Redlands community at our website and sign up for email updates: www.folkredlands.org or
Connect on facebook: - www.facebook.com/FolkRedlands More Info: Patrick Burke 0415 645 206 or Sandra Nelson 0403 342 228

ACOUSTIC HARVEST returns to BAY FM Radio every other THURSDAY Night 8-10pm. Hosted by Colin Nightingale & Jan Nary. COLIN NIGHTINGALE will be interviewing musicians on air. If you are interested contact Colin If any musicians would like airplay send your CD to Colin.

Details under Acoustic Harvest at the Folk Redlands website www.folkredlands.org  



Red Hill Community Sports Club, 
22 Fulcher Rd, Red Hill, Brisbane

Every Wednesday night at the Red Hill Community Sports Centre, 22 Fulcher Rd, Red Hill, Brisbane. (next to the Broncos.)
Entry $2, free supper, fully licensed, easy parking.
Acoustic, unplugged, mostly blackboard. Floor singers welcome. Singing 7:30 - 10:30pm.

JUNE 21 - Special Guests - SUE WIGHTON & ROSS ROACHE: (8:30pm – 9:10pm)
Sue and Ross are two of Red Hill Folk’s best-loved performers. Sharing an eclectic taste in music and a deep love of the song as a means of expression, they discovered the joys of harmonising on well-loved tunes and joined musical forces to blend their beautiful voices with sensitivity and style. Outstanding soloists in their own right, together they will charm and delight you.

JUNE 28 - Full Blackboard A full night for blackboard performers. If you’d like a set, please arrive by 7:15pm and talk to MC Anne.


JULY 5 - Full Blackboard A full night for blackboard performers. If you’d like a set, please arrive by 7:15pm and talk to MC Anne.

JULY 12 - SPECIAL THEMED EVENING – ORANGE NIGHT The 12th of July (or simply The Twelfth) is celebrated in Northern Ireland as Orangemen's Day. Originating during the late 18th century in Ulster, it celebrates the 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 and victory of Protestant king William of Orange over Catholic king James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. So tonight we’re singing 'Orange' songs – or songs with oranges in them – or that simply mention the colour orange! And please wear something orange ... a scarf, button or ribbon will do! And, because some of us just can’t help ourselves, there will also be an Orange supper!

JULY 19 - Special Guests - WILD OATS: (8:30pm – 9:10pm) Three members of the Redlands Modern Country Music Club (Peter Cathcart - guitar, mandolin, harmonica; Greg O'Grady - guitar, banjo, harmonica and Ron Linning - guitar, bass) formed 'Wild Oats' in 2008. Their sound is Bluegrass/Appalachian/Nashville and Deep South riverboat. They present old-timey, sing-along, good time music with sweet vocal harmonies that capture the fusion of early Irish and German Folk Music from the mountain regions, with the Nashville sound that emerged with the development of radio in the 1920's, backed with fast-picked banjo and guitar and sweetly bowed fiddle. Others have commented: 'Awesome'. 'Amazing'. 'Real country music'.
Come along and join us tonight for another excellent Wild Oats performance. Wild Oats Bluegrass Music - / - Facebook: WildOats03

JULY 26 - Full Blackboard A full night for blackboard performers. If you’d like a set, please arrive by 7:15pm and talk to MC Anne.

Every night at Red Hill Folk is packed with talent from our many fine regular & guest performers. If you plan to perform, please arrive early!

Anne Infante

For more information, ring MC Anne 07-3366-2248.




Foco Nuevo features a diversity of musicians and music styles.
Hosts, Jumping Fences (Sue Monk, Lachlan Hurse), have created a welcoming environment for all.

VENUE: KURILPA HALL, 174 Boundary Street, West End

1st Friday of the month at 8pm


Jumping Fences is an enduring musical partnership between Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse. Their original works contain imagery and styles that reveal both an incisive insight into Australian life and a long association with Latin American culture. Performances feature Sue's rich voice, her rhythmic guitar technique and the colour of Lachlan's innovative bass style. www.jumpingfences.com.au

The evening begins at 8pm, Entry is $10 / $7 conc.

BYO: cakes / tea / coffee / alcohol.

Info: / / www.foconuevo.org.au
& For Performers: www.foconuevo.org.au/fn_forPerformers.htm


Brisbane Folk Event in the Centenary Suburbs.


Usually 3rd Saturday of the month - in FEBRUARY, APRIL, JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER See the Calendar page

$10 entry per person (under 14 years old free entry) CASH only, includes entry to lucky door prize. Doors at 6pm, Music from 7pm. Easy parking available for 31 cars at the venue.

The Hub is located in front of the Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre. Centenary Community Hub 171 Dandenong Rd Mt Ommaney (We are at the entrance to Mt Ommaney Shopping centre next to the library, opposite the bus terminal and Mt Ommaney Fire Station)

A relaxed BYO (byo glasses) no BYO snacks or food please. The sale of food and soft drinks helps to keep the entry price low, thank you.

We will be offering a selection of Finger Food and Soft Drinks and Water for purchase.

Why not visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/CentenaryCommunityHub
Bookings Essential: or phone 0499 999 772 to secure your table, if unanswered please leave a message, thank you.




Coast Acoustics is an independent live music club located on 30 acres in the hinterland just outside of Nerang at Country Paradise 231 Beaudesert-Nerang Road, Nerang.

Following the success of recent events, Coast Acoustics is fast becoming known as the spot on the Gold Coast for folk, roots, bluegrass and singer songwriter music. Food, coffee and drinks are available to enhance your listening pleasure.


Every 4th Saturday, 1-3pm.
Special Guests THE PRESIDENTIAL BLUES BAND at 3:30-4:30 pm.

See the POSTER
At Country Paradise Parklands, 231 Beaudesert-Nerang Road, Nerang.

NON MEMBERS: $10 (Annual Membership $10). Members entry is $5.
Refreshments available.


A Jam is FREE and an informal session where members get together for a sing-along.

Coast Acoustic jam sessions times are:
The Fox and Hounds jam session is on the 1st Saturday of every month at the Fox & Hounds Country Inn, 7 Elevation Drive, Wongawallan. 10 minutes from Oxenford. Ph 56657582 from 6:30pm.

Every 2nd Saturday, 1-5 pm at Country Paradise Parklands,
231 Beaudesert-Nerang Road, Nerang.

Every 3rd Thursday (Change of Day) 6-9 pm. At ALLSPORTS COMMUNITY CLUB
Leagues Club Dr. Nerang, (Glennon Park, Nerang).
The main aim of a jam session is to share the experience, be encouraging and give everyone a chance to shine.

The Fox & Hounds is an amazing place to visit, originally the Sussex Arms in Kent, it's the only hotel in Australia to be transported out from England and re-built. Check out their Facebook page Facebook page

Website: www.coastacoustics.com.au



First Thursday of each month, $5 admission
For a blackboard evening plus a featured band each month.

Contact Jacinta Foale or 'Sparky' Paltridge for more details
Facebook Club Acoustic Maleny RSL page



WAS: The Blackall Range FC See Whatson



The organisation was formed in response to a need for local musicians to publicly perform, meet their peers and develop their skills as musicians in a friendly non-competitive environment.

The Musos (as we are fondly known) is pleased to announce some changes to our sessions to welcome in the new year in 2017.

We are at the BEERWAH HOTEL, on the second Tuesday of the month from 7 - 10pm, beginning January 10. Address: 53 Beerwah Parade, Beerwah. It is on the Steve Irwin Way side of Beerwah, immediately opposite the railway station.

The events at the EUDLO HALL, 19 Rosebed st, Eudlo, on the first Sunday afternoon of the month from 1 - 4pm, beginning February 5, will continue as usual. These sessions are popular with with Musos only a short drive away from the Nambour, Palmwoods, Landsborough and Maleny areas.

to go on our emailing list for a weekly review of the last week's session. Join our group:
Facebook - Musosclub

Do note that our website www.glasshousemusos.com.au (although a fascinating historical resource) is not updated as often as we'd like.
The facebook group page has lots of new information on a weekly basis.

If you're coming from further afield and would like to negotiate a longer set, just get in touch with me and I'll happily look at it and promote your appearance. And as always if you want to book a time to play, simply send me an email.

We provide good quality sound for the artists, and encourage all styles of music, but folk, blues and country are very popular amongst our group. We also generally have a Musos House band of some form for artists who'd like backing.


SOUNDS ORIGINAL - Music Club Capalaba

Meets 4th Sunday of each month. FREE entry.

Sounds Original is an exciting music organisation designed to encourage songwriters to share their creative sounds, express themselves and learn the art of performing in front of an appreciative audience. All genres of music and performers of all ages are welcome to showcase their talent.

Musicians interested in performing at Sounds Original concerts are asked to register before the event: ph: Aislinn 0428-191-986 or visit www.myspace.com/soundsoriginal

Be in the audience to hear original music performed by our very own local artists.

Venue: Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Rd. Capalaba



Dalby Qld

All acoustic, All genres, All singers, All musicians, All music lovers, All ages, All welcome

Find our Fickle Folk group on Facebook, Website www.ficklefolk.com

, Phone Pam 07-4663-2184 for details.

Listen in Thursday morning from 9am to 1pm for Fickle Folk Radio on 4DDD Check the website. www.westregionradio.com

where local musicians, poets and story tellers are encouraged to submit their recordings for airplay.



Acoustic concerts at the Irish Club Hotel, 80 Russell St, Toowoomba Last Sunday of the month, 2-5pm. $10/$8

The "Strummers" monthly concerts are at 2pm to 5pm on the last Sunday of each month.

Good meals are available at the Irish Club from 12pm till 2pm and Sunday special drinks prices include pints (Guinness etc) $6 & spirits $6.

We hope you can come along to help support LIVE MUSIC in Toowoomba!

For further information or call Toula Elliott 0400 771 110.



Warwick is a pleasant 2 hour drive from Brisbane and if anyone would like to bring instruments and voices and overnight on a Wednesday,
O'Mahony's have bags of accommodation at very reasonable rates.


Venue: O'Mahony's Heritage Hotel, 35 Grafton St, Warwick. Small charge to cover costs.

More info Bob Townshend 07 4685 2072 or 0413-332-536



Last Saturday Acoustic Folk Afternoon Founded as the Quart Pot Folk Club (Inc) 19 March 1974

Info Pat 0423-345-507 or

Blackboard format. Last Saturday each month - 3-6pm excluding December.

- at the SETTLERS INN cnr James & Ruthven Streets, Toowoomba.

Enjoy a Meal from 6pm at the Settlers 07-4632-3634

Toowoomba Folk Club - music of the people by the people for the people



We haunt the Cawarral and Rockhampton area. If any members of your group are in the area when we have an event they are welcome to drop in.

Our website - www.coowongafolkclub.com Here you will find info on upcoming events.