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Alan Craig's: Session Tunebook + CD



Alan Mackey: Pages of the Past Alan Craig: Session Tunebook + CD Alan Mackey: Like Jacaranda
ALTAN 25th Anniversary Celebration Amon & Audra: Home Amanda Gilmour Fallen Angel
Andrew Veivers: Rhythm Method Angharad Drake: Sword Ann Leung: dreams of a wildgoose - 3 reviews
Anne Infante: Women Do Annie Edwards: One Good Woman - Baptism April Maze: Recycled Soul
  Andy McDonell: Sentimental Asylum  
Bill Scott: Hey Rain!   Bill Scott: Songbird in Your Pocket
Bloke'apella: Blokes Sound Off   Bob Townshend: Lark in the Morning
Breaking Hart Benton Self Titled Album The Bridge Project Three Waves Under the Bridge Burton, Sunde & Fix Self Titled Album
Caroline Hammond Between the Shoreline and the Moon   Caroline Hammond One More Trip Around the Sun
Chad Swaby: Soldiers and Slaves Celtic Twa: A Wee Nippie Sweetie Chris While: Rosella Red
Cloudstreet Circus of Desires   Cloudstreet Clouds on the Road
Cloe Hall: White Street Chloe & Silas: Spring Hill Cole & Van Dijk: Sins of a Li'l Later Kiss
The Company (John Holmberg review) The Company (Nick Weinert review) The Company: Six & Five
Christina Mimmocchi Rumours of Summer Cider House: Happy Road Cotterell and Clark: Bottom of the River
  Daylight Moon Song et Lumiere  
David LaMotte: Change Dave 'Mash' Parnell: Back2Front Davydd & George: Succession
Denise Miller: Soul Stories and Wise Ways Don Henderson: The Songs of Don Henderson (L.Martin) Don Henderson: The Songs of Don Henderson (B.Elder
Dave Spicer & The Creatures of Habit Dave Burton : Dreams of Flying Daylight Moon: A Taste of Moonlight
Edward Bassingthwaighte: Tree Brother, Live in the Studio Ernie Gruner & Phil Carroll: Bohemian Nights Evan Mathieson: Harry's Legacy
Evan Mathieson: Harry Robertson Tribute
Ewan MacKenzie: Swing Dynamique Festival Folk sing Joni Mitchell Gary Shearston: Reverently…
Goodwills: The Last Waterhole (A.Infante) Goodwills: The Last Waterhole (MaryB) Goodwills: Loungeroom Legends
Havona Shores: Belle Époque Ensemble Hayley Small: Dreadlock Cowboy HWYL: Yours musically with marimbas
Hat Fitz & Cara - Wiley ways Heather Innes - Here Comes the Day Honey Eaters - Six songs
  Hillbilly Potentates: It Takes One To Know One  
Hillbilly Goats: Munchin’ Mountaingrass Music Hillbilly Goats: Out of the Mountains Show Hillbilly Goats: Still In the Mountains Show
Indigie Femme: Indian Souvenir Innes & Present Company: something Quick & Neat Ironstone: Industrial Strength  
Jack Mancor: Looking For Something Jamie Clark: Blind Contour Jean-Marc Andres: Lucettina
Jenny Cargill-Strong: The Mermaid's Shoes John Colville: Best View of Australia Johnny Langford & the Undefeated: Wild Spirit
  JIGZAG: Live  
Jim Low: ABOVE THE CREEK BED Jimmy Watts: Jimmy Watts (debut) Jimmy Watts Band: Dig Dig Dig
  Jodi Murtha: Contents Unknown  
Lance Galloway: Way Above Here Lauren Lucille: Hidden Here Leigh Sloggett: More Than I Need
  Luan Baldwin: Tales From Port Curtis  
Le Minibus self-titled Little Creatures self-titled Lonnie Martin: A Moving Hand
Macca's Top 100 Mama Juju: self-titled Mandy Breeze & Doug Kelly: Simple Folk
Mark Cryle: House of Cards Mark Cryle: Notches on the Wall Mark Cryle: Sideshow Alley  (A.Bourne) or (J.Nary.)
Songs Of Mark Cryle: i've got a heart Mark Cryle & Carmel Newman: the taste of rain Asleep at the Reel: The Emerald Dream  (W.Freeman) or (A.Baldwin.) ...NEW
Mark Davidson: Laughter In The Clay Mark Davidson: Madeleine Jane  
Mark Shortis: Songs without Words Mary Brettell: MaryB Mary Brettell: With a Little Help from My Friends
Mike Jackson: Best-Ever Kids' Songs Moot: Dead Fly Murphy's Pigs: Live at the Irish Club
Mzaza: Parliament of the Birds Mzaza: Journey Over Skin
Nadia Sunde: Homespun Noel Gardner: Walking this Land Okapi Guitars - Live@CutSnake
One Step Forward - Retrospective Out of Abingdon: Small Steps Out of Abingdon: Journeys
Paul Cannon: Rhythm of a Dream Paul Lawler & Just Desserts: A Taste of Good Music Peter Harvey: A New Way Of Talking
Paris Dreaming: Cascades Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer: The Whole Charade ...NEW  
Pear and the Awkward Orchestra Oh Katrina Pear and the Awkward Orchestra: Russian Doll  
Penny Davies & Roger Ilott: Birchgrove Quay Penny Davies & Roger Ilott: Moon Caller Penny Davies & Roger Ilott: Big Water
Penny Davies & Roger Ilott: and both shall row… A Shipload of Folk Songs Penny Davies: Backbone of the Nation  
  Pirate Brides: Cutlass Wedding Pirate Brides: Broken Hearts Ride Free
Pantastic: Martin's Bar The Poms From Oz: Ripples The Poachers: Back In The Woods
  Quatro: The Ripple Effect  
Rachel Gadd: Follow me to London Rebecca Wright - All I See Rebecca Wright & Donald McKay - Joys that never weary
Red Crow - Burning North Sky Robin Etter-Cleave - Notes From Squire Street Roey Fitzpatrick: Diamonds and Rain
Sadie & Jay - Curious Sadie & Jay - Rogue Folk  
Sarah Calderwood - As Night Falls   Sásta - Self Titled Album
Sharon Shannon - Renegade Sebastian Flynn & Martin Reese: Procession The Selkies: Making Waves
Sharon Doro: Portrait Shawn Riley: The Whistling Gypsy Sean O'Brien - Dance Each Moment
Sheepdogs: Live At the Apollonian Slimey Brothers: Live at the Byron Vista Social Club Smoky Finish: Clear This Planet Immediately!
Shemozzle: Missusisyphus Soleluna: Sephardic Fusion  
Stetson Family: Hey Sister Mary (MaryB) Stetson Family: Hey Sister Mary (CatherineR) Stetson Family: True North
Steve Dorahy & the Volunteers: the flood Steve Tyson: Temple Dog Steve Tyson: Wrong Train, Right Station
Steve Vella: Somewhere Stockade: Common Man Stockade: There Be Time  
Stomperoo: Thinking Man’s Blues SÚNAS: A Breath Away From Shadow SÚNAS: Celtic Road
Swampfish: Homeward Dove   Swoon: Kindred
  The Rusty Datsuns: Let It Rain  
Tom Bolton: Acoustic Caravan Tom Bolton: When I Cross The River Tom Bolton: Dreaming and Dancing
Tony Eardley: desire lines Touchwood: Between two Doors (Fra Due Porte) Two Lions: Trees
  Vishtèn: Mosaïk Vorn Doolette: Self Titled Album
Wallis and Matilda: Collection Volume 2 Wallis and Matilda: Collection Volumes 1,2, & 3) women in docs: Life is "Red Wine and Postcards"
Welspent: Old Aussie Bush Bad Welspent: Don't Stir the Water The Whiskey Archive: Self Titled Abum
The Wishful Thinkers: Tree Change The Wish List: Self Titled Album Wongawilli: Australia Street


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